My Projects

On this page I am describing a number of original hardware, software projects I've designed and developed over the past several years. Most projects listed are uniquely mine, but some projects are enhancements to ideas /hardware hacks provided by others on the Internet. Feel free to download whatever interests you.

Hardware Projects
  1. DIY Cheap PIC Programmer
  2. DIY Cheap AVR Programmer

Software Projects
  1. AVR interfacing with 320x240 LCD, USB, SD-Card and Touchscreen

  1. WinAvr settings and optimizations with Eclipse-IDE.
  2. Hide files inside of another file.
  3. Programming (burning) PIC microcontroller using IC-Prog.
  4. Programming (burning) AVR microcontroller using PonyProg 

Useful tools I use
  1. Eclipse IDE
  2. WinAVR
  3. Eagle by Cadsoft 
  4. Proteus by Labcenter 
  5. Notepad++